Tony Lamm has more than 25 years of experience in Secured Lending including, Equipment Leasing and Asset-based finance, loan Workouts, Bankruptcy and litigation. Significant accomplishments include:

  • Develop Workout strategies for Commercial Loans and Equipment Leases ranging from $250,000 to $25,000,000.
  • Enforce payment of Equipment Lease receivables and obtain recovery of Lessor’s equipment through Common law and Uniform Commercial Code remedies.
  • Advise National equipment lessors concerning particular issues that are unique to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
  • Preparation of Custom Operating and Finance Equipment Leases, Inland Chassis Pool Agreements, Intermodal Master Chassis Lease Agreements – Canadian and U.S. Equipment Carriage Agreements, Load-Out Agreements, Shipper and Broker/Motor Carrier Contracts, Commercial Loan Agreements for Real Estate and other secured transactions, including, Asset-Based transactions, Warehouse Credit-Line facilities for Equipment Lease financing and Real Estate acquisitions and Buy-Sell agreements for businesses.
  • Provide advice on issues related to Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act, General Conveyancing of Equipment (Titles, Manufacturer's Statements of Origin, Assignments of Sales Orders), U.C.C. Financing Statements and Supplier's Delivery and Acceptance Certificates.


  • Bank financing of 10 Million dollars to Debt-buying company and Servicer-Collection Agency: represented lender to determine priority of lender’s secured status in consigned collection accounts owned by others than borrower versus secured status in borrower owned accounts and examine and pursue remedies in state and/or bankruptcy court.
  • Bank group loan of 150 Million dollars to public equipment lessor and business credit company: engaged as Special Equipment Leasing counsel to investigate fraud in multiple pledges of same assets and receivables.
  • Lessor to Lessor sale of master equipment lease schedules without recourse challenged by purchaser: engaged as purchaser’s counsel to develop theories of breach of representation and warranties where Trustee in bankruptcy sought recovery of payments made because collateral had insignificant value compared to payments of lease.
  • Represented multiple Lessors in the suit and enforcement of delinquent equipment leases with Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware jurisdiction provisions; initiated suit and obtained judgment in 800-1000 local jurisdiction suits during past three years.
  • Appeared in 200 contested Writ of Seizure hearings under Pennsylvania fast-track rule for Replevin Order.
    Engaged as principal counsel on behalf of equipment lessor with significant exposure in collection of accounts related to NorVergence fraud.


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Tony received his Bachelor's Degree with high honors from Temple University in 1980 and his Law Degree from Temple Law School in 1984. Upon graduation, he served as a Law Clerk for the Bankruptcy Court in New Jersey and, thereafter, joined Strick Lease, Inc., as Assistant Counsel from 1985-1990, practicing in the areas of equipment finance and creditors' rights. During his five years with Strick, the company grew from 35 to 72 branches, and opened operations in Canada and Mexico. In 1990, Tony became General Counsel of Century Equipment Leasing Corporation to coordinate a $35 million dollar liquidation of the Leasing company portfolio. In 1993, Tony entered private practice, concentrating his practice in the areas of Secured Lending including Equipment Finance, Loan Workouts and Creditors’ Rights litigation. He expanded his practice and in 1999 merged with a larger, area firm to form Lamm Rubenstone LLC.

Tony is a member of the American Bar Association’s Committee on Commercial Financial Services and its Subcommittee on Creditors’ Rights as well as the Committee on Banking Law. He is also active in the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association ("ELFA"), the National Equipment Finance Association ("NEFA") and the Turnaround Management Association – Philadelphia Chapter (“TMA”). Tony served as a Board Member and Vice-President at Large of the Philadelphia Chapter of the TMA from 2006-2011. Tony also served on the ELFA Credit and Collections Committee and the ELFA Legal Committee and presently serves on the ELFA Service Providers Business Counsel Steering Committee. He is also a member of the Board of Editors for Law Journal Newsletters and Equipment Leasing newsletter.